Feeder Canal
Feeder Canal

Lakes to Locks Passage
Lakes to Locks

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Champlain Canal Marinas

Lock 1 Marina
Hudson River Rd.
Waterford, NY 12188
(518) 238-1321

Admiral's Marina
Hudson Ave.
Stillwater, NY 12170
(518) 664-9093

Coveville Marina
886 Route 4 South
Schuylerville, NY 12178
(518) 695-6079

Yacht Basin
One Ferry St.
Schuylerville, NY 12871
(518) 695-3193

West River Road Marina
245 W. River Road
Ft. Edward, NY 12828
(518) 747-8112

Liberty Eatery
Williams Street
Whitehall, NY 12887
(518) 499-0301

Lock 12C Marina
82 N. Williams St.
Whitehall, NY 12887
(518) 499-2049

Whitehall Marina
12 Main St.
Whitehall, NY 12887
(518) 499-9700
fax: (518) 499-9701

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Champlain Canal History

On April 17, 1816, a law was passed (chapter 237) appointing Stephen Van Rensselaer, De Witt Clinton, Samuel Young, Joseph Ellicott and Myron Holley as commissioners, "to consider, devise and adopt such measures as may or shall be requisite, to facilitate and effect the communication, by means of canals and locks, between the navigable waters of Hudson's river and Lake Erie, and the said navigable waters and Lake Champlain.

Canal Timeline:
Feb 1, 1820 - Canvass White receives a U. S. patent for a cement that hardens underwater.

"I was kicked by a mule. He was a young mule; we hadn’t had him very long, and I scared him…I’m telling you he caught me right in the hip. He knocked me clean across the towpath. I sort of knocked the ball out of the hip socket…He didn’t mean to do it. I just scared him."

Home on the Canal by Elizabeth Kytle

Two leaky canal boats at the McDowell Lumber Yard, Syracuse, New York, 1910 (Erie Canal Museum)

....And just how does a lock work, anyway? Check out the great explanation at the
Friends of the Delaware Canal's Home Page

5 Combines - In Town of Kingsbury
The 5 Combines

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Ray Houghton's Great Site(s)
A Revolutionary Week Along the Historic Champlain Canal
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Champlain Canal Towline
The Old Champlain Canal - Towpath Road in Hudson Falls, NY
The Old Champlain Canal
Still Navigable by canoe.
Towpath Road, Kingsbury, NY

The history of America is rooted in the path between New York and Canada which leads up the Hudson River and connects to Canada and the Great Lakes. The waterways of New York State played a vital role in the expansion of commerce in America as New York itself played a vital role in the growth of the industrial era. The history of the development of transportation frequently explains the economic growth of the areas they affected.

New York's waterways and harbors still play an important role in interstate commerce with the added feature of recreational boating and use by the public. Historical trails, battlefields, bike trails, museums and plenty of small businesses dot the landscape between Waterford (Lock 1) and Whitehall (Lock 12) to interest and serve the vacationing family; by water or by land!

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

Downloadable Digital Charts of Lake Champlain
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Canal Packet Boat

Tug 44
Champlain and Feeder Canal Photos

Feeder Canal Towline

Old Champlain Canal Sidecut Locks at Waterford
Old Champlain Canal Lock 4 at Waterford
Old Champlain Canal Weighlock at Waterford
Old Champlain Canal Lock 5 at Waterford
Old Schuylerville Junction Lock at Schuylerville
Old Champlain Canal Junction Lock and Aqueduct at Fort Edward
Old Champlain Canal Locks 16-17 at Fort Ann
Old Champlain Canal Lock 18 at Fort Ann
Glens Falls Feeder Canal Lock 1 at Hudson Falls
Glens Falls Feeder Canal Lock 2 & 3 at Hudson Falls
Glens Falls Feeder Canal Lock 4 at Hudson Falls
Glens Falls Feeder Canal - Five Combines Locks at Hudson Falls
Glens Falls Feeder Canal Lock 11 at Hudson Falls
Glens Falls Feeder Canal Lock 12 at Hudson Falls
Glens Falls Feeder Canal Lock 13 at Hudson Falls
Glens Falls Feeder Canal Lock 14 and Dam at Glens Falls